9 Ways to Save Money Planning Your Wedding

So you’re engaged and started the planning process? For many of our customers, they try to pretend that money is not a big deal as long as their wedding is exactly how they picture it will be. However, that’s just not the case. Money is usually one thing that can bring up a lot of stress between you, your fiancé, and parents. That’s why we’ve compiled 9 ways to save money planning your wedding so you can feel a sense of relief in this long, bumpy journey that awaits you.

  1. Create a budget. The dreaded word “budget” main be perceived as deadly, but don’t overlook it. On average, weddings end up costing around 20% more than planned.
  2. Location: This one is kind of obvious… Have your ceremony and reception in the same place. Usually, this will be cheaper while allowing your event to flow more seamlessly.
  3. Take your time. This might sound easy, or it might sound impossible. Save up some cash before you get married. Loading up on even more debt could make you regret parts of your wedding. The last thing you want is your wedding to have regrets!
  4. Food: Skip the main course. You may want to consider heavy hors d’oeuvres and/or stations.
  5. Minimize Choices: Stick to only a few alcohol options for your guests. Alcohol can cost a large amount of money and not every choice will be as likable as the others which will lead to wasted money. Not to mention it will be gone by the end of the night.
  6. Another great way to save money planning your wedding is to set limits. Limit the amount of alcohol available. The last thing you want is someone having too many drinks and not being able to handle themselves at your wedding. If you’re not worried about that, you may still want to because you don’t want to find a friend or a family member pulled over on the side of the road afterward with a DUI or injury.
  7. Day of the Week: Consider having your wedding on a Friday or Sunday. Saturday’s are the most sought after day. Often times vendors and venues will give you a lower price for a day that is not Saturday.
  8. Use a Wedding Program Sign instead of traditional individual wedding programs. This will eliminate the time it would take you to arrange all the names in a particular order and also save you money from not having so many pages printed. All you have to do is have a designer on Etsy create the program design for you, upload the design to Walmart or Sam’s Club for printing, and then have the poster framed to match your wedding style. For frames, check places like Good Will and other thrift stores. Sometimes, you can find a good frame that just needs to be painted. You can find Printable Wedding Signs at our shop on Etsy -> AycockDesigns.
  9. ‘Tis the Season: Schedule your wedding off-season. After-all, Spring weddings are so cliché anyway.

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If you’re planning your wedding and you have some questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We love to help as often we can. save money planning your wedding